Most searched keywords in Pakistan 2020

     Today i am going to talk about the keywords that are being searched in pakistan in 2020. I had created a complete list of these keywords which people or searching on google. You will get surprised to see what people are actual searching on google .These keywords may also help you to make … Read more

what are backlinks and how do they work

What are backlinks    HI friend today i am going to teach you about backlinks which are the one of the most important part of seo What are backlinks what is backlinks in seo example     Backlinks are those links which we place on other websites or blogs to gain visiters from them when … Read more

BS IT Subjects

bs it subjects      hello friends today i am going talk about the BS IT Subjects and i will told you about the major subjects of BS IT. The people who are going to start the bs IT this year a want  to wish them luck and blessings Computer & Information Systems Engineering  Electrical … Read more