Uzair name meaning in Urdu and Lucky number

Uzair is a very Famous Muslim Boy Name. The people with the Name Uzair are known for their bravery and honesty. The Name Uzair has Multiple Meanings but in Muslim Community, it is associated with an Arabic Name that Means Unknow In Urdu. It also Has a biblical origin from the word Ezra.Uzair is also the Name of the famous Prophet Uzair (AS). This means it’s a very holy name for Muslims around the world. The lucky number for these people is 8. Here we have some more detail about the Muslim name Uzair

MeaningUnknown, Pretender
Lucky Number8
Historic BackgroundIt is the Name of a Famous Prophet
Lucky StoneNeelam
Uzair Name Meaning in Urdu everything you need to know

Uzair Name is very famous among Muslims. This name is used for Boys and has its origin in Prophet Uzair. The Story of Uzair A.S is also Mentioned in Quran.

When Choosing a Name For your Baby you should choose a name with Great meaning. What other name could be more good than the Name of Famous Prophet? This Name is also mentioned in Quran and has a good Urdu Meaning as well.

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