scam one of the biggest tech scam in Pakistan

The day has arrived and NGR01 App is no more with us. As you Might know, NGR01 was an investment site that claimed to invest your money in solar energy. In the early days, the NGR01 App really paid the investor to Gain trust.

And after that initial Earning from various people, a big group of people started to trust NGR01 because why not the People around them were actually earning from the App and they show them the proof?

NGR01 Also had a referral system under which they people you on referring people to their app and they also enable you to be able to invest an immense amount so you can have a big return.

So a lot of people started to refer to the App to their friends and family saying, Hi look I have invested in this NGR01 app and I am earning a good amount from it. Even one of my colleagues in the Office told me to invest in NGR01 because I had made a big investment and earned from it. But as a blogger, I just did some research before investing in the App. And surprisingly a lot of online reviews were also very positive but they went to their official website which already looks a bit scammy

Because they did not show any of their real solar planets. But it also shows an American company as a partner on their site but that American Company didn’t have any information about their partnership with NGR01 on their site. which makes me not invest in it. scam one of the biggest tech scam in Pakistan

I told them to not invest in the app but they did today as on 13 September 2022 the NGR01 has officially scammed the people. The App is working no more, their site is only showing the Login and register page (The rest of the site is gone) And the people that applied for withdrawal for more than a month are not Getting their Payments. If you are one of the Victim of NGR01 then share your story in the Comment section to protect other people from getting scammed.

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