jazz book my number 0300

Jazz Mobilink is one of the biggest Telecommunication Company in Pakistan with over 75 Million subscribers. And now they have announced a brand new service called Jazz book my Number 0300

Using the Jazz book My number 0300 Services you can order a sim card only but it does not end up there you also get the power to choose your Numbers as well

So what does it mean it does not only means that you have the freedom to choose your number but also you can get a Golden Number from here and they will deliver it to you. So if you want to order your sim card just follow the steps given below and place your order

How to place an order from Jazz Book My Number 0300

To order your sim card you have first to decide whether you want to order a Golden Number or you just want a normal Sim card. Whether you decide to buy a golden number or Just a simple sim card follow the steps given below

To order Golden jazz number

  • First of all click here to Order sim
  • Now click on the Search criteria Option
  • Now you will have two fields one to select the Prefix( the starting 4 Dightes) and the second to select criteria
  • In the criteria option, you can select how many Golden numbers you wish to have
  • After selecting both options you will see a new field named Required Number
  • In the required number, you can enter your golden Number according to the criteria you set
  • Now hit the search Button and you will see all the available number

You can then Buy any of the given numbers from their Franchise or you can order online by calling on the helpline number

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