Meezan bank credit card

Meezan bank credit card
Meezan bank credit card

So if you want to find some details about the Meezan bank Credit Card then you are at the right place. Just simply read this one article and then you will not need to research any more about it.

First thing first you have to understand the difference between a debit card and a credit card.

Difference between Debit cards and Credit card

So a debit card is a pretty normal thing you have your card and you can do shopping and staff with this but you can only spend money that is in your bank account nothing extra.

while in the case of Credit cards you can go and shop for more than your bank balance like if you went to a nice hotel and have a great meal there and when the bill arrives you find out that you don,t have enough money to pay, in that case, the Credit Card can save you the card will allow you to spend more than your account balance

But here comes the real deal, The bank will charge you a small percentage of interest on that, the percentage really depends on your card and bank but my main point is they will charge you interest.

So now you know that credit cards will allow you to spend more but will also charge you interest, Let’s discuss the main topic.

Meezan bank Islamic Credit card

I know a lot of will be familiar with the term Islamic Credit card let me just clear that there is no such thing in reality.

Simply because as we discussed above credit cards charge interest and interest which is haram in Islam. So there is no such thing as an Islamic Credit card all videos about it are lies.

Also, Meezan bank is a Bank that is trying its best to provide Islamic banking in Pakistan. So the Meezan bank doesn’t really offer a credit card because credit cards break the basic Islamic laws.

And all those videos talking about the Meezan bank Islamic credit card are wrong there is not any Islamic credit card coming from the Meezan bank.


As we discussed in this article credit cards are not really Islamic that break the very basic law of Islam by charging interest. Meezan Bank is an Islamic bank so they don’t offer any kind of credit card whether you call it a credit card or an Islamic credit card.

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