Zong 5G speed Test || zong 5g pakistan

zong 5g pakistan


  Hello friends today i am going to give you an happy news that the Pakistani telecom company Zong is going to introduce 5G in Pakistan the have test there 5G in Pakistan and results are that


     Pakistan sim company zong has successfully test there 5G speed in Pakistan ZONG 5G is tested in Pakistan successfully i also want to remember that zong also have the largest 4G system in Pakistan Zong has 11000 + 4G towers and more then 13 million 4G user and now zong is going to introduce 5G in Pakistan and Zong is the only 5G holder at that time.

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Zong 5g launch date in pakistan

     Zong in very close to introduce 5G in pakistan and Zong 5G will be availble within two or three month’s and all zong customers will able to enjoy zong 5G in Pakistan

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