important business terms and important Market terms

    Hello everyone today we are going to lean an lecture of business communication and report writing. The question on which today we are going to talk is Important business and marketing terms. These term’s are used by the business men in the market the knowledge of these terms will help you to communicate easily with any marketer and business man.
    In toady world business base on communication if you have a good communication skills you can attract more customers to your business. And if you are a student of or then you can use this article to prepare your question for exams as the is very popular question and is being asked by many examiners in different times.


 Bull Campaign

     Failing to capture the market after wrong speculation, Bull applies different tactics to influence the market. In this way they reunite to cope with the situation. All their effort in this regard is called Bull Campaign.


     Market is called bullish when we have a general expectation of price rise in furture


A country may involve in selling the goods to a foreign market at a much lower price, In order to capture the market. This activity is called dumping. Many countries across the globe have been tactfully using this technique in order to have ultimate domination in the market. The way China is doing all this across Pakistan and other south Asian countries in an apparent example in this regard.


Bearish means the fall in the price of general goods. In this situation the prices of different commodities fall. Simply we can said that the downward trend in the prices of general commodities is called bearish

Blue Chips

     The shares of the renowned and powerful firm are called blue chips. Investment is supposed to be considered safe, keeping in view their strength and name.


     The time of healthy business activity and soaring prices is called boom.


     Depression is simply the reverse of boom. It indicates, price getting down to a very low level


     BY demurrage, we mean the daily changes made for detention of ship beyond the settled number of days.


     Suppose buyer agrees to take goods delivered at the dock, after paying complete cost all the way home, this sale is known to be Ex-Ship


     When we have more sellers comparing to the buyers, the price tend to drop down. These situations leave the sellers stay quiet, and avoid the sale of goods. The impact then leaves the market closed FLAT after price get to bottom.

Lame Duck of the market

     Owing to fail in price certain goods may acutely suffer. This largely happens due to high speculation. Such goods, and sometimes a company is labeled as lame duck of the market


In order to cover the loss, after bulls’ expectation end up in frustration, the bulls join hands to control the market by rendering bogus transaction. They may manipulate the price in their favor in this way. This activity is called Rigging.


     A stag is the individual who buys newly issued stock of shares, with the hope and intention to sell them at the earliest.


     When there is a little business activity during a specified time period, it is called dull.


    By easy. We mean a little decrease or fall in the price, which prevails in market.


     A commodity can easily ruin its business, when its supply abnormally soars. It directly hits the profit margin.


     Any sort of bargaining over price, is called haggling. Haggling has been recognized to be a good practice. It involves tact, both for the seller and the buyers


     A list of item provided or works done together with their cost, for payment at a later time

Market Price

     The actual price paid in the current market dealing is known to be market price. Market price is normally determined by two factors, demand and supply.

Market Value

     The average value of a commodity in a given market during a specified time period is called market value.

Off take

     Off take indicates the total purchase of a certain commodity during a specified time period.

Over Draft

     In case a person withdraws an amount that is infect more than the amount in his concerned account.

Set Back

     When market suddenly experience an effect of extremely low price, owing to fall in business transactions, we call this situation set back


     In finance, a contractual investment made in a company in the expectation of making profit.

Street Price

     Upon the closure of stock it is very likely that the selling of securities of have to carried on a privately quoted price outside the stock exchange. Such a price is called street price.


     Tendency is actually the trend of a certain market, which can be either optimistic or pessimistic, depending on the effects of demand and supply.

Turn Over

     It is the total amount of business transaction made in a specified time period.

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