how to increase the cpc of adsense 2022

increase adsense cpc rates

       Hi friends today i am going to talk about adsense cpc rates and who to increase adsense cpc rates and ctr rates to increase your income to lets first talk about cpc and ctr to batter understand them

What is CPC

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  CPC means cost par click. Google adsense pays you on click so you needs high cpc rates in order to create a good income from google adsense with small traffic

What is CRT 

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  CTR means Click through rates it show who many your visitors clicks on your ads if you have a Good CRT Rate you can earn a huge income from google adsense even with every low CPC rates
So here are some tips and tricks to increase your adsense cpc and crt rates   

Strictly follow the Google Adsense rules for Publisher

   always follow the rules of google adsense dont click on your own ads and don’t just fil your site with ads try to

Add 3 to 5 ad units on each page

   Also try to add 3 to 5 ad units to increase the chance of click on your adsense ads it will increase your CTR Rate

blog niches that make money

   Try to choose high paying niche for your blogs or website just like real estate and insurence etc
Adsense pays high cpc rates on some good niche so your nich can increase your adsense earning

Find high cpc keywords

   Try to add some keywords according to your posts topic keywords affects a lot on cpc a high cpc keyword can give your high cpc rates and increase your daily earning and learn how to find high cpc keywords

check keywords density

   always have a check on your keyword density try to mantain your keywords density above then 2%
keywords density analysis Will help you to increase your rank and cpc rates

Placing ads on the top of a page

   Always try to place your ads in header section. you can put your ad good above the navbar of your website. it also helps to increase your cpc rate and ctr rate as well

Using images Banner like 728*90, 468*60 and Text  link unit ads together is good

Always use banner ads and link ads together people often click on link ads which will increase your ctr rate and banner ads can give you high cpc ads

Use non-standard types of ads for maximum revenue

   Try to create your own ad units and make some non-standard types of banner ads

Choose the right Adsense format like 300* 600, 300*250 etc

   if you are going to put in-article ads then try to create the ads of 300 by 600 size ads and 300 by 250 size ads
these ads look beautiful and increase the possibility of click on your ads which will increase your ctr rate and also increase
your revenue

Use Adsense for search unit like google search console

    this heading explain everything

Use multiple ad units in same page or post on the website

   This is very important step to increase your cpc and ctr rate try to display atleat 5 ads on every page or post of your website

Ads color and size

  If you use ad colors like your website color then your chance of gatting click on ads will increase because your visiter think that is one of your own post not ad

Best tips to increase your Cpc and CRT 

  1. Use Adsense multiple Palettes, Box Size of ads (Must use different palettes)
  2. Use horizontal link units Responsive ad unit size (navbar, Above post)
  3. Do occasional experiments with positioning of ads
  4. Ad placement Must Matter like 300*600 use widget sidebar, 728*90 header placement
  5. Turn low paying units into image only ads
  6. Promote your site with Google Adword
  7. Use all possible Adsense features available in Adsense Account Setting
  8. Choose the right ads for the right place on the content or site navigation
  9. Make sure your ads are visible
  10. Use section targeting
  11. Your link units should be in hot spots where they can be seen easily by visitors
  12. Get targeted traffic
  13. Drive traffic to your blogs by SEO and backlinks.
  14. Use Adword tools to help your site
  15. Use Adsense channels to track performance
  16. Avoid MFA ( made for Adsense ) sites
  17. Keep track of your ads
  18. Block low paying advertisers with Competitive Filters
  19. Don’t overblock ads
  20. Use Adsense preview tool
  21. For short article place ads on the top of the content
  22. For long articles place ads in the middle of the content as well
  23. Avoid using common blog words
  24. Do not set Google AdSense as a secondary ad option
  25. Publish fresh content
  26. Register on hub pages and use the same Adsense account
  27. Register on bukisa and use the same Adsense account
  28. Register on docstoc and upload files with the same Adsense account
  29. Make use of Revenue sharing sites
  30. Join Youtube Partners
  31. Get rid of public service ads
  32. Avoid titles such as sponsored ads in widgets

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