Miui 13 stable release | everything you need to know

Miui 13 stable release

A new stable release of the Miui 13 operating system is now available to all device owners. This version includes much-anticipated features like an all-new design, new navigation gestures, and more. We’ve also taken a look and can say confidently that performance improvements are noticeable across the board. In this blog post, we will go over some of the major changes in Miui 13 as well as some other notable fixes in this release.

The most notable change in Miui 13 for many people will be the overall design update. The design is a complete revamp and many elements are new or different. For instance, notifications now display inline instead of in a notification shade, floating dialogs have been removed and replaced with full-screen popups, and settings categories have been renamed for clarity and consistency.

There are plenty of other changes as well, including some new features that you’ll find quite handy.

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