mbc222 is legit or not | everything you need to now

 Hi this day I find a post on Facebook about mbc222 claim that is it can show you the password and email of any account. Just like you I also try this site and I enter my own Facebook account.

Before we move further in article please remember that hacking is a illegal and you might find yourself in trouble by hacking someone else account.

So let’s continue with the article so I try may account and the site show me this popup

In above image you can see the site show the starting of my email and password and told me to share there post on Facebook 15 to get complete email and password. But wait a minute the email and password show in the img of mbc222 is not even close to my real email and password.

And even after sharing there post 15 times on Facebook they are not going to show you the full email and password. And will Keep on telling you the you have not shared the posts and also will give pop ads to you.

The also have some comments in the bottom that’s the site is legit 😂. All those comments are totally fake the are Generated by them.

Plus the sites of this king can might send a malware to your phone or virus to your pc.

So I hope now the answer is clear the the mbc222 is not a legit site and you should avoid them.

Thanks for reading and if you find it helpful share this with your friends and family to safe them from this scam site

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