Telenor microfinance bank – everything you need to know

telenor microfinance bank

Telenor microfinance bank also know as tameer microfinance bank is previous days is a fully owned bank by telenor. The tameer microfinance bank was founded in 2006 and later the telenor buy it. The telenor microfinance bank is aimed to provide short-term loans to the people of pakistan

Right now the telenor microfinance bank  is only working in pakistan but the telenor is a famous multi national telecommunications company it is working in middle east and Asia.
The telenor microfinance bank also provide jobs to a large number of people in pakistan also the telenor microfinance bank helps the small businessman to start his business by giving them loans.
The majority of Pakistani population is depandent on the agriculture sector and normally the former are not really rich so they needs money to buy furtilizers  and the telenor microfinance bank help them by giving the loans

Telenor microfinance bank branches

THE telenor microfinance bank has many branches across the country. It has more than 3 branches in almost every city. The bank is covering the hole country through its branches. 

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