ptcl 5g trial successful fastest 5G ever in Pakistan


ptcl 5g trial
ptcl 5g trial

Big news about ptcl the ptcl has tested the 5G Technology successfully in Islamabad on 11th February.

A ceremony was held at the headquarter of ptcl with the federal minister of Science and Technology as chief guest and they test the life 5G in front of the federal Minister.

Ptcl claim that their 5G is one of the most fastest 5G tested ever in PAKISTAN. They tested the downloading speed of 1.685GB.

I know some of you my thinking it is very fast even I never even seen the speed before.

But if the ptcl is saying that they have tested the speed whom I can rely on it but there is one fact that you need to know

The first point that comes in my mind is that when the test the 5g they are the only user that is using the internet show.

So the speed of internet is not affected by many users and they can have the maximum speed which is not possible in Real world because there are millions of ptcl users.

When too many users use of single server the speed of the server declines and ptcl has tested when there is no user on the server they are the only user on server so they can have the maximum speed

What to expect.

I know it is too early but I might can assume what speed the user might get when the 5G is completely released by the ptcl.

Speed is not only interrupted by the user but it is also interrupted by the wire. In the ptcl they don’t use high quality wires so they can loss more speed.

In best case scenario if they userl copper fibre wires they can have the maximum speed but I think the maximum speed that end user might get in Pakistan will not cross 500 MB.

Please also share your perspective in the comment and tell me what you think about how much speed and vision might get.

Best internet for Gamers

The release of PTCL 5Gb will also help the games in Pakistan.

The gaming community might get a high ping in 5G and they can stream videos more easily than ever before.

The 5G will also help the YouTube community and all the online businesses in Pakistan and will help the E-Commerce society in Pakistan.

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