PTCL 5G launch date announced

PTCL 5G launch date
PTCL 5G launch date

Hey everyone as you might know that Pakistani internet network PTCL has equipped the 5G and they are going to release it as soon as possible. In this article we will discuss when will the PTCL 5G available to general public.

PTCL 5G speed?

Let’s first talk about the tested speed of ptcl 5g and speed that a normal customer might get in Pakistan.

PTCL 5G has tested one of the highest speed of 5G available in Pakistan It tested the download speed of 1.6 gigabytes. Which is pretty awesome. But what about the speed that is normal customer is going to get. Of course they are not going to have the 1.6 GB speed of PTCL 5G as the speed is tested when the service is totally empty from the users and they have the good wire connection.

Whenever the PTCL 5G get public it will decrease the speed. The first factor that effect the speed is users. When millions of users come on the same server the speed turns down and in the result the user face a slower speed than the original one. Also we all know that the internet of PTCL is based on wired internet not on wireless internet. So wires will also become effective part of decreasing the internet speed of PTCL 5G.

But after all of these problems I used to think that the end user might get speed over the 500 MBPS. What you think about the speed Please tell us in the comments section and let’s dive into when you will get the PTCL 5G.

PTCL 5G launch date.

The launch of 5G is not only dependent on the 5G boosters but it is also depending on the Government of Pakistan because they have to allow the PTCL to publicly release their 5G.

The minister of science and technology recently stated that the release of 5G might get possible in 2022 December.

So the possible date of release of 5G is the 2022 December but I think this is not going to be happen in  December It might take more time. The 5G might get released in the mid of 2023.

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