how to get fresh notes from banks 2021

how to get fresh notes from banks 2021

If you are looking to have fresh notes from Bank for any reason including for eidi purpose or any other than read this article complete and I will solve your fresh notes problem

First of if you want to get some fresh currency notes from bank for your old notes you can have it from any bank by going there with a strong link in bank otherwise the will keep on refusing you by saying that thay don’t have fresh notes

But if you have no relation in bank and still wants the fresh notes than I is good to ask the bank where you have a account even if you don’t have any bank account nor any relation in bank even than you can get fresh currency notes from bank

For this method you must need to go to your state bank. Every country have there own state banks and they are created for controlling the flow of currency in the country

The state bank will easily give you the fresh notes as they print the fresh currency notes and they alway have fresh notes to offer than might cut some charges from your cash

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