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    DeepFake is a latest video editing technology. In this Technology you can change the face of any video person with any other face. In simple you can create any video about anyone without his permission. You only need a simple picture of that person of which you wants to create a video and create a video or select a video in which you wants to add that picture face and use the deep fake softwear’s like Zao, AvengeThem and Deepfakes web β. So lets discuss the softwears and website that are being used for deepfake now a day’s

Zao deepfake app download

     Zao deepfake app is created by china and this  is getting viral in all over the china for deepfake techniques. Zao app is only available for chinese users at that time. Because to create an account in Zao you need to verify your account with your chinese mobile number. But you may also get a chance to use this app if you have a friend in china. I had tried this app for pakistani and indian faces it did not work well as it work for chinese faces because this app at that time only recognition the chinese faces. But there is still hope that may this a become available for all world users in near future.

     If you are thinking to use zao app try this on you on risk because the pictures created on zao app have no security. The company can sue your data for there own purpose.


     AvengerThem is a website which is used for the daapfake. This site is available for all users over the world. If you love to watch avenger movies than you will love to use this app i my self tried this website and it work great for me. Another plus point of this website is that it is totally free.So let me explain you about how to uset Avengethem website rightly to get best results

  • First of all visit AvengeThem website
  • Now on your screen you will see a lots of avenger clips select you favourite one
  • Now you have to upload you face picture by face pic i really mean faec pic
  • Try your best to make you face nature in picture for good results
  • Now wait for some time 
  • And it the end you clip is ready you can watch the clip and also can download as Gif app


     DeepfaceLab is an window softwear that is being used for deepfake technology is app is basically created for the Researcher and students who are studing the deepfake app to use this app you may have to practice some time but if you learn correctly how it work you can create a clean deepfake clips. This app is free to download but you may have to buy some of the cool features of this app.
     If you want to learn the deepfake deeply the i most suggest you to use this app because it work great for me and it my also work great for you


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