Adsense approval tricks 2021

   Hi friends if you are looking for Adsense approval tricks then you are the write website toaday i will show you how to approve your Adsense account by using simle and easy tricks.
Adsense approval tricks 2019<
Adsense approval tricks 2021

     If you are reading this post the you might probably applied for the google adsense account might you try this with google blogger which is getting very popular these days

    if you not get the appovel of adsense for you site then ready this article carefully. First of all i want to told you that i am using google adesnse even on my site and i also not get the approvel for the first time even i tries many time.
    But from that experience now i can teach the solution of these problem and i can save your time and money as will mostly adsense users find these problem in adsense(mostly blogger).
  1. site under construction
  2. no content
  3. scraped content
  4. adsense policy violation
  5. Your site is down

To solve the all above problem follow these simple tricks

     Write only unique content

          First of you needs to know that what is unique content and how can you write this. Normally Unique content means that content which does not include the copy paste content. The studies show that most of the new blogger just do there posts with the help of copy paste and the think google will allow them to publish ads on there sites which is wrong.
     first of all don’t copy paste the content but the question came in  mind that How can you produce your own Unique content. The answer is that only write the blogs about the things which you do on your daily basis because you can only carry the content which is really your own.
     If you try’s to blog on the topic you just watched on social media then you can not blog on this topic for a long time which fail you as a blogger.
    If you post only use the unique content then the problem of Scraped content on your adsense account will end.

     Design of your website or blogger for adsense

         If you want to approve the adsense account then you have to follow the role of google adesnse about the site design 

         First of all you site needs to have fully active pages it mean make sure that all links on your site works and no page end is error because if any of your page end in error then your adsense account will show you the problem of Site Under construction 
          So to remove this problem then make your all of your site pages work well my experience shows that mostly the social media page links on your site usually ends in error because most of blogger templates include a long number of social media icons and social media counter 
     The blog owners pay’s no attention on these icon and the result your site get the problem of Under construction

     So make sure that all the social icons on your site or on your blogger work. Normally these pages end in error
  • Social media icons
  • Police page
  • Navbar page(menu page)
  • Links in your posts

     Add police and contact us pages

          Mostly i had seen that the new blogger does not pay any attention on there police and content page. Even i had seen that mostly blogger does not have the police and contact page. 

         The matter of the fact these pages play’s an important role in your adsense approval you may now that adsense does not allow some type of content like hate speech’s.
         So you have to mention these thinks in your police page so that adsense will pay more attention on your site and probably you get the better chance to get adsense approval.
          following pages are very important for adsense
  • Privacy Police
  • Contact Us
  • About us

     How much view’s are require for adsense approval

          Mostly the new blogger ask that question that how many view are required to get into adsense account so anwers is that 0(zero).
          That true you does not need a large number of view for you adsense approval. Even adsense have no requirement for view.
          So it mean your only needs to work on your content and other tricks don’t take tension for you view but yes you need view after adsense approval after the approval of your adsense account to earn some money

     How many posts are required for adsense approval

          This the one of the most asked question to me on different social media site by new blogger.
So first of all i want to tell you that adsense give the no fixed amount of posts.

          My experience show’s that normally you needs 10 to 13 posts with 1000 for par posts and that all the problem of no content will end with this work

          Also make sure that your posts must contain 1000 word or at least 600 worlds

     Adsense site down problem solved

          If you are facing the site down problem is your adsense account than i have a solution for you.
Might be your adsense account told you that your site down.
          It means your site is not working but still your site is on and fully working. So how to solve the problem of site down.
          Here is the solution If you are using the blogger and you applied your site directly in adsense by going on adsense site than you are at fault

          First of all go to your blogger deshboard and find for earning option from here click on sign up option and apply for adsense now the problem will get solved
          If you already had a connected account with your blog which is not working for some reason than again goto your blogger blogspot deshboarda and click on earning option and from here Now click on Switch AdSense account and try you another account now you will get the approval

     What are the mistakes that most adsense Users do 

          Mostly Adsense user do the same mistake that way the won’t get the approval of adsense account and that Mistake is thy don’t really read the email of adsene and apply again and again so in result they won’t get the approvel
          So first of read there email care fully and then tries to solve the problem. because to solve any problem you first needs to now what the problem is and then tries to solve the problem
          So i hope you people like this article and i try my best to cover the all issues the is being faced by adsense user but if you are facing any problem which is not mentioned by me than ask me by commenting on this posts and i wish you luck for adsense

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