NBP mobile app free download and registration

NBP Mobile app
NBP Mobile app

     NBP (National Bank Pakistan) is established in November 1949 under the National bank ordinance 1949. The Government of pakistan owned the 25% of its shares. The bank is performing the banking service in the country from a long time. The NBP plays a Very important role in the development of banking system of Pakistan.

NBP mobile app

     The NBP has now launched a NBP Mobile app for his customers. By using this NBP Mobile app you can access your NBP account from Home. The NBP Mobile app comes with a lots of cool features Like now you can operate your account with just on click on your smartphone. First of all i have to told you that if you want to use the NBP Mobile app than you need a smartphone by smartphone i mean a android smartphone because the NBP mobile app is not available for IPhone at this time. It mean you really needs a smartphone to use this NBP Mobile app. so the question comes that why would we use this NBP Mobile app. So lets discuss some features of this cool NBP Mobile app.

NBP mobile app features

Here are some of the cool feature of NBP mobile app.
  • IBT Yes inter bank transfer. You can transfer money to other account holder with NBP Mobile app
  • Money tranfer to the account holder of other banks
  • Payment of utility Bills(Electricity bills, Gas bill and Water bills)
  • AirTime top up
  • Check bank statement from 30 to 90 day’s
  • Check the nearest ATM with NBP mobile app

How to Download NBP mobile App

     I think you had decided to download the NBP app now. This a is totally free the Bank is not going to charge you. You can simple download the NBP Mobile app in your smart Phone from the link below

NBP Mobile app registration

Q: How can I get myself registered for NBP Mobile Banking Application? 

A: Process flow of Mobile App registration is attached. 

Q: What is OTP? 

A: OTP (One Time Password) is a 6 digit number, which is sent on the registered mobile number of the A/C holder for validation of the customer during registration process. OTP is an additional security measure put in place to protect customer’s A/Cs. OTP is confidential and should not be shared with anyone even with NBP Branch/Call Center staff 

Q: What are the charges of OTP SMS? 

A: The Bank does not charge customers for receiving OTPs. This service is absolutely free. 

Q: Can one OTP be used multiple times? 

A: No. OTP is system generated password. To ensure security each OTP can only be used for once. Timeout for OTP is of 2 minutes.

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