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     hello Seo how are today i am going to solve the problem of all blogger today i am going to give a free Meta tag generating tool which will help you to generate free mate tags for all your blogger templates and for your blogger posts you can also use this tool to generate meta tags for your wordpress sites. In this tool you can generate free meta description and free meta keywords.

     If you are new to Seo to might need to know how much google depend meta tags. Firstly when a google bot visit your page it start searching for a meta information provided in your page. it collect the title information then Meta description and than meta Keywords after that google bot search for the heading tags and then he read your content.
     IF you had read the above paragraph than you should be very clear about the meta tags and our meta tag generate done the job in perfect manner. Now you don’t have to be worried about how to generate meta tags. I had created a compete meta tag generator for blogger.

How to use Meta tag Generator

  • In the first field put the description of your article or product
  • In second field enter the keywords that you want to rank for
  • The third field in optional if you want to add the Author name you can add here
  • In last field you don’t have to do any thing. But if you want to hide a page from google you select noindex from here 

meta tags generator for blogger 

Author (Optional):
Robots (Optional):

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