Important topics every IAS aspirant should know

Important topics every IAS aspirant should know

Civil Services Examination is considered as one among the most prestigious examination in our country as well as the toughest. It is conducted every year by Union Public Service Commission in an offline mode. The examination is conducted in three phases namely Preliminary, Mains and Interview. The detailed explanation of the exam pattern can be known from the website of Best IAS Academy in Bangalore.

Every year near about 1000000 aspirants apply for this challenging examination. The success rate of clearing UPSC IAS in first attempt is somewhere around 0.001%. So how can one increase the chances of clearing the examination?

There is this concept of smart work that applies in all the walk of life, UPSC is no different. Aspirants should know that there are few areas from where questions are asked every year. For better understanding of UPSC exam question trend and analysis, you can latch to Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore. The UPSC asks direct questions from few fore mentioned topics. The topics are generally covered in Current affairs but do hold a huge share in the question paper every year. Be it preliminary or mains, UPSC never fails to envelope these most important topics according to exam point of view. The topics that every IAS aspirant should know before appearing in the examination are as follows:-

  1. International groupings and treaties:  This topic finds relevance because of the increasing role of India in the world politics. The dynamics of multi polar world should be gauged for better understanding of International relations. The major groupings like ASEAN, SAARC, BIMSTEC, SCO, G4, and G20 are often highlighted in the news. The tutors in the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore have covered the aims, objectives and functioning of these international groupings in detail.

  1. Government Welfare schemes: This topic is very important from both the prelims as well as mains perspective. The welfare schemes regarding social and economical equity in the country is a significant aspect in administration. Aspirants should at least learn about all the major schemes of the current financial year and henceforth their aims and implementation. The Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore offers daily answer writing practice and discussion in which they discuss about the schemes in detail.

  1. Geographical Indications, Major festivals, Important days: mostly relevant in prelims, these topics can work as bonus points for the aspirant. They are often direct and to the point. One can revise the recent accorded GI tags and festivals for scoring easy marks. This area is generally considered as the favorite of UPSC. Aspirants tend to skip the factual information because of already tiring vast syllabus. The Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka has prepared shorthand study material for aspirants covering these topics. The monthly current affairs are a good source too.

  1. National Freedom Movement: Shifting the gear towards the static portion, modern history is yet another significant topic. As aspirant must be well versed with at least the happenings of freedom movement from 1920-1947. Especially in prelims, the direct questions are asked from this topic which one cannot afford to miss upon. The best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore has tried to cut short the time and effort of aspirants by focusing on core subjects. The national movement should be understood in form of story and the major incidents must be revised properly.

  1. Geographical mapping: Every year questions from mountain passes, rivers, national parks, reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation sites and wetlands are asked in match the following form. Mapping is regarded as the score maker in the preliminary examination. A little overview of at least the Indian geography can fetch easy marks in this topic. One among the most known Civil Services Coaching Centers in Bangalore runs a separate forum for geographical mapping. It will be of a great help for the aspirants.

  1. Important bills,acts and reports: apart from the static portion of Polity, the current affairs section is equally valuable. Polity is one among the top five core subjects in the UPSC examination. The important bills and acts passed or drafted in the particular year or a year before have high chances of being asked. The detailed Current affairs series of IAS Coaching Centers in Bangalore makes up for this topic.

  1.  Science & technology: How UPSC has been setting up question papers in the recent years has more of application based question in them. The ones form Science and Technology can easily be noticed. Basic understanding of Science and Technology up till class X plus the current affairs section will suffice. The best of UPSC coaching classes in Bangalore has worked out a plan for conceptual detailing of Science and Technology in their foundational course. 

These are the topics that an aspirant should not mix. Other than that the static portion should be thoroughly read, understood and revised. Hope the article helps!

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