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Airtel free internet code 2020
Airtel free internet code 2021

free internet on airtel 2021codes are now available these airtel free internet codes are most updated codes at this time. Airtel is the one of the biggest sim network in india and they offer the best internet offers as well. But today i am going to give you an trick which will give you airtel free data so without wasting time lasts come to main point

free internet on airtel codes 2021

There are many airtel free internet code are available on internet but Most of these codes not work now as these are expired codes. But today i am going to bring you the most latest free internet codes that are working fine 
  • First Goto your dial paid and dial 5999555 boom you get 10Gb free data
  • Open your massage box and type SURPRISE and send to 121 for getting 60GB free internet
  • Goto dial paid and dial 51111 you will get 10 GBs for free Airtel internet not for all areas
  • Goto you dial paid and send a miss call on 125346 and you will get 28Gb free airtel internet
  • Goto dial paid and dial this code *121*100# boom you will get 10GB free internet

Airtel tv free data

Airtel tv app and now getting very famous and almost very one want to use this for free and today i am going to give you an trick by which you will get free data to use airtel tv and other internet as well so you don’t have the airtel tv first download the airtel tv and follow the steps below
  • first of all download the airtel tv from internet
  • Now open your airtel tv and create your new account with your number
  • After you login you account in tv you will get 2GBs free data

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