How to recover deleted files from PC and Mobile (SD card, USB)

     how to recover deleted files is the most asked question to me from many social media platforms and today i am going to tell you some cool tricks of how to recover deleted files from your pc also how to recover deleted files from your mobile Phone and how to recover deleted files from your USB drives.
In short today i will teach to ro recover your deleted files from any deivce and this trick work for all including mobile phones, Pc, USB and Memory card. Sometime we may lost some of our important file and whan we realize that it become to late. SO how to recover these files it so easy just follow the tricks below

How to recover deleted files from PC

     If you are using any pc or laptop no matter which window you are using you can easy recovery your file. First of i will suggest you to keep a backup of all your file so you can easily recover than whenever you want. But if you don’.t have any backup than you can still recover your deleted files


How to recover deleted files
How to recover deleted files
In first step Goto Recycle Bin to check that if your deleted file is still in the Recycle bin and if you find it simply tab on the file and restore the file. But if you file id deleted from Recycle too than you should try the trick below
How to recover deleted files
How to recover deleted files

how to recover deleted files with miniTool power data recovery tool

     Minitoll power data recovery is free tool which help you to recovery your deleted file from you computer. This tool is completely free and easy to use to lets start how to recover deleted files

  • First of download the MiniTool
  • After completing the download simple intall the Minitool 
  • Intall the Softwear in the drive in which you have the most Space
  • Now run the softwear to reovery Photos, Videos, and apps
  • Now select the This pc from left side(in window 10)
  • Now select My computer from left side (in window 7)
  • Now you will see the all of your computer drivers
  • Now select the Drive in which you last time you seen your files
  • And now click on scan button to start the process of recovery
  • After some time you will see the all deleted files 
  • now click on the file you can to recover.

How to recover deleted files from Mobile

     If you have an smart Phone and you had deleted some of your important file and want to recovery the file. than i can help you. In this process you will need a pc , a mobile phone(In which you deleted the files) and a USB cable. After you gathering the all necessary item follow the trick below
  • connect you USB Cable with you mobile and plugin the pc
  • Now in you mobile you see a new notification. Click on transfer file option
  • Now your mobile in connected with you pc.
  • Simple follow the trick mention in PC section.

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