How to use E Pass and S pass Singapore application services

How to use E Pass and S pass Singapore application services

Do you have a business in Singapore that is growing? If so, you will be needing more employees to meet the new needs of your growing business. You may notice that it is difficult to find people with the right skills to be able to work in your company. That is because there are companies similar to yours that need employees too. If you have a hard time looking for workers in Singapore, why not hire someone from abroad.

When hiring a foreign worker, you need to apply for their work visa. The work visas that most entrepreneurs apply for their employees are the E pass Singapore visa and the S pass Singapore visa. These work passes are common because they are not very specific with the type of work. You just have to make sure that the foreign applicant meets the eligibility requirements.

What is E Pass Singapore?

The E pass Singapore visa is short for the employment pass. This is a long term work visa in Singapore that is for foreign professionals. This means that only those who were able to complete tertiary education and have relevant work experience in it can apply for the E pass Singapore visa. Thus, as an employer, you need to verify the educational background and work history of the foreign applicant.

To qualify, an E pass Singapore candidate should have a salary of at least SG$4,500 a month. That amount is applicable for those fresh graduates who have little work experience. The older the applicant, the higher the amount for the salary is needed. If they have a long work experience for a certain job, they need to have a higher salary than SG$4,500. Thus, make sure you can assess the E pass Singapore candidate to confirm how much salary you should be paying them.

What is S Pass Singapore?

The S pass Singapore visa, on the other hand, is a short term work visa. This is meant for middle-skilled workers. They still need a good educational background but the Ministry of Manpower allows S pass Singapore candidates that took technical courses from an accredited institution. Usually, they prioritize work experience over educational qualifications for the S pass. There is an assessment criteria test that an applicant can take online to know if he or she can apply for the S pass.

An S pass Singapore candidate should be earning at least SG$2,500 a month. There are no conditions to that amount. Whether the S pass Singapore applicant is a fresh graduate or older, has less or more work experience, the minimum salary qualification is still SG$2,500 a month.

Where to apply for these work passes?

To apply for the S Pass or E pass Singapore visa, you need to look into the website of the Ministry of Manpower. They have uploaded the application details for each of the work passes that they have issued. You are also free to look into the FAQs to know more about how to apply for the E Pass or S pass Singapore visa.

The Ministry of Manpower uses an application portal called the EP Online. You can apply for the S Pass or E Pass here. You need to fill out the application form and upload the documents asked on the form. You can also apply for a renewal and cancellation through this work pass portal.

Aside from the EP Online, there is also a myMOM portal where you can get a work visa issued. It has similar features to that of the EP Online. However, this new portal has consolidated all the work pass applications for easy access. Another way to apply for the S Pass or E pass Singapore permit is via post mail. However, the Ministry of Manpower doesn’t recommend this especially if you have access to the internet. It will take weeks before you can get approved if you took this process.

Who can help you apply for these work visas?

For the E Pass and S pass Singapore application, the candidate is not allowed to apply for himself. You, the employer, is the one who is allowed to apply for the work visas on behalf of the candidate. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you can hire an employment pass agency that will take care of this for you.

Get your work pass the sure way

To know how to use the S Pass and E pass Singapore application services, you need to look for employment visa service companies in Singapore. You will be able to know how to use their services by viewing their websites.

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