How to stay longer endurance during love

How to stay longer endurance during love

If we ask ourselves how to last a longer endurance during love, we have two options. We are either a woman or a man. You may not have been surprised by the division, but it is interesting that there is not much talk about women’s endurance. But even that can be a problem, though probably less catastrophic than in men.

Longer endurance of women

We can divide women into several groups according to their orgasm. The happiest ones have it several times in a row, and squirt is a normal expression of satisfaction with love for them. But they are just talking about endurance. When they meet or live with a man who has delayed ejaculation, he may be left without climax. 

A woman lies down after several orgasms and enjoys flying on a cloud, and a man? He is satisfied with what he has gained, but his organ remains excited. A little agreement is needed here, or if a woman is no longer interested in getting involved, she should help the man with her hand.
Others are women who reach only one orgasm and then wait for another hour, sometimes days. This is definitely about endurance, but the solution is similar to the previous case.

In third place are women without orgasm. The question is whether they want love at all. This is a big problem for psychologists and sexologists. Then the only brake on the length of love is disinterest or boredom. It’s up to the men how they handle it. The relationship is not only about orgasm, but also about making two people happy, about caressing and body contact.

Longer endurance in men

Every man has certainly encountered during love that he shoots immediately and sometimes in half an hour, even longer. There may be more opinions as to why this is the case, but it can usually be said that the body still does what it wants. Alcohol, abstinence, gluttony, fasting, long foreplay, or short, and we will certainly find other ways to influence the length of love. If we forgive health problems here, which is the topic of the book, and the use of various expensive products, love (coitus itself) can be influenced directly in action.

Methods of prolonging love

We probably try to divide everything, but here are two options. Either we are already counting on short love, which may border on premature ejaculation, or we will find out only at the moment of intercourse.
The first case is possible, but it is impossible not to meet it yet. If we know this programmatically in advance, we have several options. For example, to use a condom that inhibits arousal, there are ointments on the market, but we can influence the length, for example, by cold (especially the feet are suitable), shorter foreplay, but we can also involve the psyche. This explains the thought of something other than love.

For happier men who find that their second is approaching and do not want to end coitus themselves, the solution is to stop moving, to address their partner with a suitable question or idea (certainly not whether Sparta or Slavia will win). Alternatively, if we can’t think of anything, we move out completely and continue to irritate our partner with our fingers or orally. When we calm down, we move on. We can take more breaks, and maybe we will please our partner. It will definitely be a pleasant change for her.

Special medicine are suitable for problems in the intimate area. Our product Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 is also popular, which is harmless and can be used by anyone.
You should also never to eat and drink before love.
Making love is not only about the sympathies of two people but also about whether they have a desire to make love at all. Sometimes even the old rule does not apply to gentlemen: “If it doesn’t cost you, a woman doesn’t suit you.” It is caused by something else, something that we gentlemen often do not even think about.
In this case, it is a bad food or drink, which we consumed or drank before meeting our partner. Now let’s look at a few drinks and meals that we should give up before the supposed love. If you want to know which foods work the other way around and increase your desire for love, read our article called Aphrodisiacs.
Prohibited foods before love


Who wouldn’t like a fragrant coffee after a delicious lunch with a cake? We think that few can resist this idea. People just love the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee, which was recently ground. Coffee promotes activity and prevents you from falling asleep. But everything has its limits. If you have more than five coffees a day (or fewer coffees in stronger doses), you will definitely not get a quality and long erection. Caffeine acts in large doses as an erect disruptor, and even according to new findings, it is supposed to block the production of testosterone, which you need. So what does this mean for you? Coffee, yes, but only if you didn’t drink almost the entire thermos of coffee during the day.

Greasy and heavy foods

Delicious fried cheese, French fries, and lots of tartar. Are your appetites converging? You better put your hands away from such food, because you won’t easily reach a sweet climax. And you may not even get a proper erection. Fat is extremely disruptive to your love life; think about it before ordering dinner. Try something lighter, and it will make your love better.


One glass will get you on the right note, but if you overdo it, we doubt you’ll make love. Rather, you fall into bed like a stone and fall asleep. Alcohol not only blocks rational thinking but also blocks the blood supply to the organ, so there is no eruption, and you will feel virtually no climax. love loses its charm. So you better only have one cup as a mood, and most importantly, don’t overdo it.

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