how to open camera in laptop


how to open camera in laptop
how to open camera in laptop

how to open camera in laptop is very frequently asked question and it is really simple to open a comera in laptop no matter which brand you have like the HP, Lenovo and Dell.

So first of all you needs to confirm that your laptop has a camera you can check the camera hole on the top of screen. And in case you don’t have an in-built camera you can use a webcam

So the next step is to open the camera so you can open your camera by two methods which I will explain you step by step

open camera in laptop method 1

  • First click on the search bar located at the bottom left in all windows
  • Now simple search camera and wait 
  • After some time the camera app will appear and click on it
  • Boom your camera is opened

So this method is so easy and everyone can use this method but if you are having any problem with the above camera opening method than you might can use the second method as well. 

How to open camera in laptop

  • First of all click on the start button located at the bottom left
  • So click on the settings open in the sidebar 
  • Now click on the privacy button 
  • After that you will see a camera option click on it
  • Now click on let’s my apps use the camera
  • Boom your laptop camera is opened

Turn off camera windows 10

  • If you have successfully opened the camera app and now want to close it
  • Simple move your mouse cursor to the close button
  • Located at the top right corner of window
  • And boom your camera app has turned off
If these method work for you plz share this article and if you have any problem just let me know in comments section I will try my best to help you out

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