Facts About Christmas Everyone Should Know

Christmas is one of the biggest and enjoyable festivals being celebrated around. There are lots of people who organize and plan to make Christmas rocking for 2 months. They even make a list who are the guest will be invited and who are not. There are lots of interesting facts about Christmas that everyone should know. So that they can make their Christmas eve very much successful. In this article, you will get lots of information about Christmas that everyone should know. After knowing the facts you can call your relatives and friend and after that celebrate it. 

On this Christmas, eve is quite impossible for all the quest to gather in one place and celebrate this eve. This time why not do something different. Try to visit each other and exchange gifts. Sending of Christmas gift has always been widely practice during the time of Christmas day. Some people organize Christmas and always have the Christmas cake at their party.

What are the different types of things you should know about Christmas?

The followings are the different types of things you should know about Christmas day and they are:

Christmas day is only for Jesus Christ

The main motive of the celebration of Christmas day is just remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas day is only for Jesus Crist not for Santa Clause or the little drummer. 

Evergreen Christmas is from tradition

The tradition of buying and decorating Christmas gifts has not started recently but this was an ancient practice being practiced among Egyptians and Romans. According to them, it has been noted that the winter solstice is the reminder for the Spring return. So if you are decorating the whole Christmas tree that means you are just throwing the spring season back.

Hanging of stocking started like an accident

You will always see in some of the houses that they are there stocking in front of their chimney. Just because many people believe that Santa Clause will come and give their gifts in the Stockings. But there is another story behind the hanging of Stockings. It is a story about an old man who was poor and impossible for them to gifts to their daughter. One day a generous man came and dropped a bag full of gold coins. After that, only hanging stockings came into the highlight and it is another way to thanks the old man.

Christmas wreath considered as the Christ symbols

At Christmas, you may even experience in lots of houses that they decorate their house with Christmas wreath. Originally this is a symbol of Christ. The wreath is a type of holly crown which Jesus wore in his crucifixion. In that Christmas wreath, there is the installation of red berries which indicates the blood. So at Christmas, it is mandatory that you have to install a Christmas wreath in your house.

Jingle bell song sang for Thank giving

Whenever Christmas eve comes you will always hear the song of Jingle bell. It has become the signature song. But this jingle bell song was being sung in an opening song of Thanksgiving song. After that in 1857, the Jingle bell song was being republished as the most popular Christmas eve. On Christmas day you will hear the song in every house.

Christmas day was illegal

At first, when the Puritans were being settled in Boston at that time only Puritans used to hate Christian. So for this reason, only Christmas was illegal to be celebrated. Suppose if Puritans have seen anyone celebrating Christmas at that time only they used to fine on them.

Xmas words started back in the 1500s

Some people always think that Xmas is the recent word developed from Christmas. But this is not at all true. Beginning in the 1500s Christmas was always being pronounced as Xmas and similar to this Christianity was also known as Xianity.

Most Americans celebrate Christmas

Christmas is for everyone whether they are Christian or not and it is also celebrated throughout the world full of joy. But it is a fact that Christmas day is celebrated more in America. It has been also noted that 90% of Americans used to Celebrate Christmas day in December. After Thanksgiving day, Americans used to organize and prepare for Christmas day.

These are some of the facts everyone should know about Christmas day. On this Christmas day try the brilliant fireworks for a celebration along with the New year cakes. These things will make your Christmas special and awesome.


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