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Hello viewers today I am going to teach you the best practices to do In 2019 to increase your rank in Google and other search engines. These latest Seo tip and tricks will help you to improve your ranking and to increase your traffic. If you follow all of these Seo tips then you differently will get good rank in Google. Even if you only implement at least 15 tips from this article even then you can improve your rank. The most of these tricks are based on the on page seo to improve the seo of your whole website. So today i had created a on page seo checklist 2021 these on page seo techniques 2019 will help you to increase your google rank in 2019

On page seo checklist 2021

1: Use Quality Links

 Use of Quality links is very important part of any Seo plan. If you want to get high rank in Google then you need to create the quality backlinks from high DA PA sites. The backlinks plays the key role in seo so try to create the maximum number of backlinks from different websites. And also create internal links to your old posts. The link building definition nbsp; is very important for you to learn

 2: Define a Good Site Structure

     Seo friendly site structure also plays an important role in your Google ranking a research told that the most of the visitor’s leave the website if the website takes more than 2 second to load. So you need to make your site load fast.At least your site needs to get loaded in 2 seconds. Website structure best practices are very important to improve your rank in google and to gain more traffic

 3: Landing Page Quality

       Landing page seo best practices matters a lot in your on page seo if you want to get good rank for long time them improve your page quality. The page Quality will help you to rank high in Google for a long time. span style=”mso-spacerun: yes;”>        

 4: Keep the Content Fresh

      Your blogger or website content plays an important rank in seo of you website. If keep on latest content then you definitely will get good rank because Google always prefer blogs or websites with new content So visit  different social media groups and social forum to know what the people are talking about and write about these topics. This trick will help you to get high rank on Google in 2020 o:p>

 5: Understand the Art and Science of Search Engines

      The art of seo  and science of search engines play very important role in seo because you need to about the latest algorithms of Google and there search engines like Bing duck duck go. The algorithms matters a lot in rank and knowledge of latest algorithms will help you to understand what to do for increasing your rank

 6: Engage With Community & Have a Social Presence

       The social presence will force Google to consider you in rank. The continuous traffic from social networks will help you to increase your traffic and rank. The social media and other communities will help to select the latest topics for your blog posts. Simply just join some communities of your niche and check what the people are talking about and write your latest blogs on these topics.

 7: The Keywords. What You Need to Know

       The keywords can help you to get rank easily. First of if your blog is not getting good traffic try to target some low pressure keywords. You can easily know the pressure of any keyword by using keywords tools like Google keyword planner, Ahref keyword tool etc. The right keyword will help you to get more traffic but if your site has a good rank in your niche then try to target high pressure keywords to get more traffic on your blog or website

 8: Improve Loading Speed of Website

      The speed of your website will ensure how much will you are going to gain or going to lose. Searches tolled that the most of the visitor will leave your site if your website takes more the two mints to load. You can easily improve your site speed by removing the unnecessary items from your website or blog also remove use less JavaScript and CSS from your blog or website. You can also use the tools like Google speed test or Thinkwithgoogle to improve your website speed and also to improve your rank as well.

 9: Use a Rich, Relevant and Memorable Domain Name

      Most of the bloggers and website’s do this mistake they choice long and irrelevant domain name. The long domain names are hard to remember and difficult to rank. If you choice short domain name then people can easily remember your domain name and can revisit your site again if they like your content. The next point and most important thing to remember while purchasing domain name is the choice relevant name with your website this will help you to have a permanent keyword in your Url and easy to rank. o:p>

 10: 5% Keyword Density

      Once again we are talking about the keywords but now we are talking about the keyword Density. The keyword Density means how many times your keyword occurs in 1000 words. You have to maintain the Keyword density 5%. And also tries to use your most of your keywords at the start and at the end of your article because the most of the the search engines focus these places to detect your keywords o:p>

 11: Use the Right Tags, File Names, Captions, Alt-Txt

      The images optimization also play very important role in on page seo. The Google and other search engines cannot read the image file unless you provide them information about your image file by adding alt tag in your image file also use caption smartly to add your keywords in caption area and name your while with your keywords. Most of the bloggers and website’s ignore this fact but if you follow this step then you can easily get high rank in Google o:p>

 12: Work On Headings, Titles and Site Settings

      First of you need to know that the search engine only read your meta area (meta area means the information provided in your head tag like meta keywords and title tag) and after the head tag the search engine find your heading tags mostly the H1 and H2 tags. So use your keywords main keywords in title tag and also use the subheadings to make your post more seo friendly. Also maintain your site settings user friendly .

 13: Evaluate & Fine Tune Regularly

       The most of the new and some old blogger and WordPress users ask this Question to me that have many posts the posts in one month to rank high in Google. So the answer is that if your blog is new then tries to post 3 to 4 posts in one week and if you are an old blogger then try to post at least one post a week. This will help you to get engage with your visitors and also to rank high in Google.

 14: List Yourself in Open Directories

      Open Directories are website’s that list different websites on their site some of open directories are paid but some are free. These Directories are best to create your backlinks from different websites. If choice the right categories then you can get a lot of traffic from these directories as well. You must list your blog or website on at least one open directory.

 15: Use Keyword Rich URLs for the Pages

      Some it becomes very difficult to hide your tags in your blog posts then the best place to add your keywords is your post URL. You can add your most focus keyword in your post URL because the search engine also read URL post URL. If you are BlogSpot user the you can customize your post url by using permalink option. But remember that you can only use the permalink option before publishing your post.  

 16: Be a Storm Chaser

      If you really want to get success and want to earn money from your website then you have to work for a long time with great determination as well. As I know with me personal experience that the starting work on seo is very hard to do. Some time you might think that nothing is work but you have to wait for the right time. If you are really working hard and you have passion in your work then you definitely will get success one day. In early days of my blogging some time I also think that nothing is happening but I just have to with for the right time and keep on working.

 17: Migrate Smart. Don’t Lose Your Rank When You Migrate

      Some time you might need to Migrate your website from on hosting company to another even you might need to change your domain name but don’t lose your ranking during this process. You can simply save your rank during migration by informing the search engine about your website  Migration. In google simply visit the search console and click on gear icon and select the change domain option and next process is automatic but you need redirect your old domain to your new domain name.  

 18: Track Your Site’s Rank & Click through Ratio

      Always track your rank click ratio. You can simply track your rank by using the alexa rank checker tool and here you can also track the click through rate as well. These static’s will help you to check your progress this static will help you to keep on working. And also help you to adopt the right seo strategies for your website to boost your rank as well .

 19: Create a Custom 404 Page and retain visitors

      The custom 404 page will help you to retain your visitors from error pages. If you do not create any custom 404 page then if any error happens in your webpages then you will lose your visitors. But if you have that custom 404 error page then you can easily gain these visitors as well which will help you to get good google rank.

 20: Take Advantage of Weebly 301 Redirect

     You might not know the power of weebly301 redirect but these redirect’s can help you a lot in gaining good rank but the question is that how so answer is that redirect your famous posts to your new posts for some time to increase your rank and to gain rank fastly you can also use the 301 Redirect  to
improve the ranking of your new websites simply just create a custom redirect from your popular website to your new websites

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