7 ways to snatch Instagram followers from your rivals

7 ways to snatch Instagram followers from your rivals

Instagram is a good place to use if you can visually advertise your brand or product. Yes, some companies find it more difficult to use than others do, but it’s an essential source of commitment and conversion if you can make use of it.

In the past, I spoke about the different methods of Instagram rising. Today I’ll send you methods to steal the followers already accrued by your competitors.

1. Recommend your content for brand-agnostic accounts

In the planning phase these accounts that you found should be accounts that meet the following criteria:

# At least a few hundred thousand real users have relevant followings.

# Sometimes they post on your niche, curate, like, share content.

# They are not branded and are managed by fans.

These are brand-agnostic, since they are not run or attached to a specific brand, so they can usefully search for and share contents of your brand. They are also powerful in your niche, making them good goals for almost any kind of follower wrestling.

Your aim here is to approach these accounts and encourage them to share their content regularly or to mention your brand. I suggest you first follow them and spend some time enjoying some photos and leaving a few comments. Then give them a private message and ask for your brand promotion.

2. Identify popular hashtags and content as recent

A list of keywords from the popular industry was part of the preparatory step. Check for the most traffic keywords and start navigating them daily. You are searching for decent content from users who are not following you already. Offer it a similar word when you find such stuff.

This passive way allows the user to search your profile and see who they want. This appears to be more successful in accounts, which often participate and which themselves have no loads of followers. These individuals would most certainly check their alerts. The more followers an account has, the less dedication it implies and the less likely it is to check or validate the profile of the individual who has carried out the undertaking.

3. Follow the individual user posts, like and comment

This alternative is the same as the previous one, just one move forward. Formerly Shopify, Richard Lazazzera conducted a small test with a pool of 300 users. He followed them for 100 and reported how many followed him. He followed them for another 100 and liked a recent item. He followed them for the last 100, enjoyed a piece of content, and posted on it.

The third approach was the most beneficial one, with three forms of commitments and a 34% retroactive average. It’s worth it. The closer the consumer feels involved, the more likely it is that he will return his favor.

4. Branded hashtags and poach followers from Lurk Rivalry

Branded hashtags are hashtags that are usually only for use by brands. They apply explicitly to the brand or part of the brand’s marketing. By deleting their hashtag or ads, you can use this to your advantage. Please have a little fun, send to one of your competitions something weird, or else make yourself available to the users using that hashtag. You should be able to be recognized if you are smart enough.

Branded hashtags are consumers outside the brand and you can try the third form of poaching, but you must be careful. You must be careful. The users are hardcore brand fans sometimes and don’t want to give you daytime. This is a waste of time in these situations.

5. Build Competitor Quality Answers

A good – or not – promotional war is one way to obtain an exposé and followers in your industry. See the ad sequence is shown here for the primary example: Audi-BMW-Bentley. In this scenario, Audi began the war by calling out its rival, but you don’t have to wait before anyone calls you. You can scan and retrieve the promotional content created by your rivals, make yourself look better, and point out marketing faults.

Ironically enough, the purpose here is not to be the equation of Bentley. Instead, you want to get as much coverage as possible by ribbing others. It is unlike having the easily exploitable gaffe or jumping the line from nice to malicious that you will not be wrecked by competition.

6. Take inspiration from the material of broad accounts and references

In this way, you actually do something similar, but better, instead of referencing or reacting directly to the material of your competitors. Certainly, you probably did not remember them when you made the material, but you meet many of the same people for the same reasons by playing what they make.

Actually, as long as they are reasonably tall, you can do this for brands that have no connection to your industry. You can, for example, make a similar picture of your product in the same spot, if Oreo posts an image like this:

7. Instagram Shrimp Pay

Most approaches are free to do and require only basic social interaction. If anything else fails, this is a paid option. Refer once again to your list of high-level fans, perfect without a brand connection. If you post a shout to your brand, sends them messages, and give a one-time charge for them. Essentially, this is like paying for a single commercial, which reaches hundreds or even thousands of potential supporters.

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