RFID Applications

RFID Applications
RFID Applications

RFID Application are now going to controls the people. You might get surprise to know that the government’s of all world are now going yo implant the RFID Chips in there citizen to trace there complete privacy including there all private work. 

For example i had implanted a RFID chip in my body now the government can trace that where i go and which thing i purchase even if in future you don’t have an RFID chip implanted in your body you will be now more able to buy anything using your Credit or use can not travel to any country because your pass port is also connected with your RFID chips. So simple it mean it will became necessary for everyone to implant this chip in their body.

RFID Applications and Challenges

I had created a list of all the challenges that people of all nationalities will face if they don’t implant the RFID chips in there body.

Unable to make any purchase

     The very fast problem that people will face without RFID Chips is the will now longer will be allow to purchase any this literary any thing. The RFID application will controls the credit card of people and a person without RFID chip will not be alloed to use this credit card.

Unable to travel

     The second problem that the people without RFID implant will face is they will be no more allowed to travel abroad because the RFID application will control your passport. The people with RFID implant will only be allowed to travel.

No more Privacy

     You might already know that the USA and UK already record’s the calls and private data of there customer’s but now the all the government’s of all countries will record the personal data of there people and they will have complete control over the citizen using the RFID application.

RFID applications in Healthcare

     The one plus point of RFID application is that the government can have comlete information abut your disease if you have any harmful virus in your self the healthcare department the stop it without its spreading to other people and also the people can have the medical help against the all deadly diseases. And the people can have batter treatment on time so it can save many life’s in this way.

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