Revisit with tempo traveler services

Revisit with tempo traveler services
Revisit with tempo traveler services

If traveling is something that makes you feel alive and kicking, if the off-road journey and campfire to the unknown places feel you like home then Jingo Holidays has all in store for you! We are aggressively working to quench your traveling needs. From the well-framed itineraries of the best places of India to the perfect rid, you need that affirms safety and security in a shoestring budget, has all in store for you! Traveling within the city especially in India, where roads are jam-packed with a horde of people and traffic it’s time-consuming and tiring. And, also the pain of sitting for hours in the same position when your legs yearn to get stretched is universal, right? 

What are tempo traveler services?

If you’re the spirit of the ardent traveler, then our tempo traveler might be the second home for you where you will find a home comfort space and security. Our tempo traveler comes with nine to sixteen seater that provides ample space and fully equipped with reclining seats so that you don’t have to statue yourself in the same position for several hours. 
If this has slowly made your traveling hormones going crazy, then Jingo tempo travel services are the best in the industry known for their well-maintained vehicle and remarkable services that are too hard to spot! We at Jingo holidays strive to provide the best in class traveling experience to our customers so that you can focus on making memories rather counting kilometers! 

Why should we rent tempo traveler services?

Whether you’re planning your getaways with your friends and family or be it your business trip or even leisure travel!   will free you from the unwanted driving hassle so that you can have some amazing memories for your travel diaries. Ranging from nine to sixteen seaters, our vehicles provide ample space and legroom for our clients. Doesn’t matter if you’re going from one end to another in your city or planning your date with mountains, our tempo traveler services will surely quench all your traveling needs. 

Why Jingo tempo travel services?

With years of experience in the field of travel and tourism, we are the best in the industry known for our top-notch remarkable services and facilities. We have a long-headed queue of national and international clients and that is what fuels us to give our life and soul to land on the expectations of our clients and customers. Our packages are well- framed with some of the high enthralling tourist attractions around the country. 

But, how does that make us stand out of the crowd 
We always see eye to eye that actions are louder than words and to make your vacation tattoo and immortal in your mind here’s the list of some of the key points that will subsequently wipe out all your “BUT and IFs” if you have regarding our services. 
Our itineraries are well planned to provide some scenic view of places that will surely bring the seven heavens down for you! From the ancient heritage of Delhi to the strong ancient forts of Jaipur and Agra to the heart- winning mountains of Kullu Manali, we have a list of some really amazing tourist attractions that you can mark in your travel diaries. 
Our tempo travelers are well- equipped with modern facilities like charging adaptors for mobile and laptops so that you don’t have to sacrifice your social media love while enjoying your off-road journeys to some remote places. 
Customer safety is the utmost priority and our tempo travelers are equipped with all the medical kits such as painkillers, antibiotics, bandages, and Pain spray. To keep you safe, jingo Holidays are handstand ready to cope up with any mishappenings and unwanted situations during the journey. 

Our drivers are well- trained and reliable so that you can enjoy your journey out of fear without behaving like an alarm clock during your whole trip. 
We also provide refreshments such as snacks and beverages so that you don’t have to pull over or have to go somewhere else to have it. 
To not to keep your windows down in summers, we timely perform AC servicings and try to nullify your contact with the hot and polluted external environment during the journey. 
It’s always been our endeavor to provide our clients a perfect equilibrium of safety and comfort at a reasonable price. Our packages are undeniably good and hard to match with other companies that might try to loot you by providing the same perks and facilities with a pricey budget. 
Well sanitized and germ-free tempo travelers 

Taking the COVID 19 outbreak that has choked up the lives of many innocent souls, we are regularly sanitizing our vehicles inside out to make your journey safe and COVID free! Our tempo travelers come with alcohol-based sanitizers so that you can dismantle every route of this virus to come in contact with you. we are also sanitizing our offices and surroundings to uproot this virus lurking between us. Also, to keep your safety in mind, we started filtering our drivers to carry verified medical prescriptions and certificates. 

Know us 

Who are we? is a tour and traveling company that is top known for their remarkable services and facilities that are hard to match! The company eas established in 2007 and have conquered the hearts of many clients not only from India but from every nook and corner across the globe. Jingo Holidays have completed its eleven years in the travel and tourism industry and still working with full force to provide the best traveling experience with their affordable and impeccable services to their clients. Jingo Holidays is a complete team of experts that have head to toe knowledge to how to make your journey amazing and complete! 

Contact us

If you’re an ardent traveler and want to take a breather from the hustle-bustle of your life then, contact us! We’re coming up with really amazing packages and services  in delhi so that you can make your next vacation amazingly awesome!

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