How to Keep Your Canvas Luxury Handbags Delicate and Durable

how to clean canvas bag with leather
how to clean canvas bag with leather

Owning a luxury handbag may be an exciting thing for all the girls, and many girls search best budget handbag. How to keep it clean and delicate would be a carking issue for each one.
Nevertheless, there are always some good ideas to keep our canvas handbags clean, beautiful, and durable.

Fill Your Handbag Reasonably

Usually, girls tend to keep a lot of items in their canvas handbags no matter for shopping or outdoor activities. Actually, however, a canvas handbag is, it always has a limited volume. Once the limited volume is beat, the bag will absolutely get hurt. Never carry too many goods unless some necessary ones!

For an LV Damier Ebene Canvas shoulder bag and tote, possible items should be a cell phone, a notepad, keys, a pen, a wallet, a pair of sunglass, a sunshade or umbrella, some facial tissues and a cute makeup bag containing a lipstick, a sun cream and some portative cosmetics.

While a LV Damier Azur Canvas clutch and evening bag should only hold a phone, a lipstick, a wallet, a packet of facial tissue and your keys.

A very important issue you should know: never carry any sharp items or anything that may do harm to your Chanel canvas bag. Even if you have to bring a knife or other tools, please make sure they are perfectly wrapped.

Be Careful in Daily Use

If your hands are easy to sweat, you should avoid a Gucci handle bag and turn to its shoulder bags, or you can purchase some leather handbags and give up your favorite canvas. Any sweat or water may stain your darling canvas bag. Please protect your canvas luxury handbag against any shock or direct exposure to sunlight. When your clothes are easy to fade, you should avoid its contact with a Chanel handbag because your bag will get dyed and it will be hard to clean.

Store Your Bag Properly

To preserve the glam of a LV or Chanel canvas handbag, recommended suggestions are as follows:

  • Before you store up your LV canvas handbag in the cabinet, you should do some cleaning work with some professional cleaning oil and make sure it is clean and dry.
  • Fill in some clean felt pouches or cotton groups in case it will get deformed. Make sure you have enough space to protect it against any squeeze.
  • Make sure you cabinet is clean, spacious, ventilative and desiccative. If you would not use the Gucci canvas handbag for a long time, you should also clean it periodically.

Weight off Your Shoulders – How to Organize Your Luxury Handbag

Women are easily prone to toss everything they need inside their designer handbags, which sometimes may result in big troubles and inconveniences.

It will be some kind toilsome to carry your designer handbag with plenty of items. Here are some tactics to organize your luxury handbag properly and relieve some burdens for both your shoulders and the handbags.

Why It Is Necessary to Organize Your Luxury Handbag

It is true that women usually like to buy accessories and small items on a whim, and when things go on like this, their handbags will be full of various items. Carrying too many burdens can do great harm to both our shoulders as well as the designer handbags.
Organizing the handbags properly helps a lot to reduce the hag’s stresses and cut down the heft for our backs. If you always carry some heavy accessories or even damaging things, even your LV handbag can be damaged with such an unbearable burden.

How to Organize Your Designer Handbag

The best and most efficient way to organize your designer handbag is to empty it first and then put inside only absolute necessary items you need in routine life and work. Here are several steps and tips to achieve an organized designer handbag:

  • Empty your luxury handbag and put all the items on the floor or a spacious deck.
  • Figure out the absolutely necessary items you should carry for everyday use, such as keys, phones, wallets, lipsticks, pens and cute notebooks, small packs of tissues, and others. Put the unnecessary things away on your desk or in the cabinet.
  • Place the necessaries properly in your handbag. Most handbags feature side pockets, which are perfect for phones or keys because they are easy to access.
  • If you want to take some cosmetics, please take only the small ones that you actually need. A cute container to hold all the small cosmetics will offer great convenience for you.
  • Do not put any gum or food wrapper inside your handbag. How come you could put the garbage together with your money and favorites?
  • Last but not least: organize your handbag periodically. Although you have a well-organized handbag, it may become messy soon in a few days or weeks again when you continue to buy accessories and put them inside. So, organize your designer handbag frequently, say once a week or twice a month.

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