How to convert Zong sim in 5G

     How to convert zong sim in 5g sim this is the question which is being asked to me by many people

As you now pakistani telecom company zong 4G is going to become Zong 5G and there customers can use the 5G. But first of all you needs to understand what 5G technology and answer is that 5G mean fifth generation of wireless internet . Simply it mean 5G is the new generation of wireless internet as you already now that there or more generations of wireless internet like  2G 3G 4G and now 5G


But the question is that how much speed will be available with Zong 5G the answer is that it is alomst 1G speed it means 1G par second. Yes it is really very fast and also it is going to be very expensive as well.

How to convert Zong 4G sim into Zong 5G sim

     First of all if you wants to convert your zong 4G sim into 5G sim that don’t look for some code some people search for zong sim convert code which is not really available if you wants to convert your Zong 4G sim in Zong 5G sim then
  • Goto nearest zong service center 
  • And ask them to convert your sim into Zong 5G sim 
  • They will convert your sim without changing your number

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