free farm management software 2020

free farm management software 2020
free farm management software 2020

Ranch management software provides business solutions for commercial and registered users associated with livestock-operations industry. Being a ranch manager is not as easy as an apple-pie, you are fully tied up with lots of things on your plate. Monitoring the herd on a daily basis, making sure that animals have access to food and water at all times, branding and tagging of animals, administer vaccination programs, maintain ranch and herd equipment to name a few.
Many companies are offering tailor-made business solutions for ranch management as this role is quite demanding and sometimes unmanageable. The following companies are providing livestock and ranch management software solutions so the livestock managers can administer their herd on their fingertips.

Farm Matters

Farm Matters is built for the farmers and ranchers to improve their operational efficiency. Farm Matters is the service solution company based in the United Kingdom since 1998. It is an easy solution for all your farm related activities whether keeping a record of cattle, sheep and other animals in the herd and their treatments via medicines at one place. They are associated with many agencies in United Kingdom including: BCMS (British Cattle Movement Service) ARAMS (Sheep Movements) ScotEID for both Beef Efficiency and Beef Suckler Calf schemes Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society Highland Cattle Society Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society. They are also working in alliance with EID readers and weight indicators.

Barn Manager

Barn Manager is a complete ranch management software solution and extensive modules are offered regardless if you are a cattle producer, meat processor or running a certified marketing program. Barn Manager is the business solution for ranch management offered by the animal care practice of Folio3. With more than 15 years of delivering innovation Folio3 is a digital transformation leader in the animal care industry. Barn Manager is a tailor-made, affordable, comprehensive and scalable business solution for your daily livestock operations.


FarmLogs is a comprehensive software solution for farm management. Farmlogs is user-friendly and everything related to the operations of the farm can be recorded in the app. Interactive maps can be viewed and available at all the devices i.e. Desktop, android and iOS to completely monitor the performance. Prices fluctuation and differences and local price can be easily kept a track of via a separate module.


EasyFarm provides a multiple solution and best for small to medium size farms. It is very useful for basic accounting operations that require bank and tax procedures. It is adaptable for the specific needs of the farm. It is an easy to use ranch software management tool with a track record of 13 years and friendly for the use of commercial and purebred cattle management products. It is economical and proven to have exceptional performance records.


FarmBrite is best in terms of keeping and maintaining the records of your agricultural business for farmers and ranchers alike. Founded in 2013 in the United States of America, FarmBrite provides solutions for keeping the track of sales report, journal, income versus revenue ratio, health of animal, genealogy, field and pasture conditions and equipment maintenance among others.

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