what are backlinks and how do they work

What are backlinks

   HI friend today i am going to teach you about backlinks which are the one of the most important part of seo

What are backlinks

what is backlinks in seo example

    Backlinks are those links which we place on other websites or blogs to gain visiters from them when any of the visiter of that website click on our links and come on our website its called backlinks

Types of backlinks        

what is backlinks in seo example
  There are two main types of Backlinks
  1. Dofollow backlinks
  2. Nofollow backlinks
Dofollow backlinks are very good for Google rank they help you in Seo and also increase your alexa rank very fastly
Nofollow backlinks are those backlinks which give you nothing but traffic they will not increase your Google rank or alexa rank as well

  How to create backlinks for website

what is backlinks in seo example
      There many ways to create free backlinks but today we will talk about some main ways

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