Top 5 games 2020

Top 5 games 2020
Top 5 games 2020 

Top 5 games 2020 this is the topic that we are going talk today as you now we are living in the age of gaming. The game are getting advanced and advanced as the time passes.

There is a time when Games are only played for having fun but now people even earn money from these games via online steaming on Facebook an Youtube. Top 5 games 2020

Now most of the young people spend there most of the time to improve there gaming skills and to become a Pro gamer on Youtube and Facebook.

The world of gaming has completely changed in the year 2019 and there is great hope that gaming will achieve a new level in 2020.

today i am going to provide you a list of Top 5 games of 2020 as expected by me. If you are thing to start a online stream than you should must read this article complete.

 List of Top 5 Games

  • PUBG Mobile(PUBG PC)
  • Fortnite
  • Call of duty Mobile
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
pubg mobile lite pc
pubg mobile lite pc


     Pubg Mobile comes and takes the pc and mobile gaming on new level. The PUBG Mobile become very famous in 2019 and there is huge number of streamer that play there game on youtube live stream. PUBG Moblie receive a lots of view on youtube and on facebook as well. People love to play PUBG and also love to watch the streams of pubg. PUBG is battle ground base game in which 100 men lands on  a place and they have to kill all the people to win. Top 5 games 2020

PUGB become famous because it is avail able for both pc and  mobile mostly the users of PUBG play their game on there mobile devices.
PUBG also release a PUBG Lite game for low end mobile which increase the users of PUBG because every one can play this game of there mobile. they can play there game at any time and at any place as they wish.

fortnite epic
fortnite epic


     Fortnite is another game like the pubg. the Fortnite games in pc, Mobile and console version mostly people play Fotnite on pc and console. There is very small amount of people who play fortnite on there mobile devices.
The reason behind the low Mobile players of Fortnite is that Fortnite is very difficult game to play on mobile device. Even it is very hard to play fortnite on PC as compared to PUBG. Top 5 games 2020
But now Fortnite is releasing the easy versions of fortnite the game is becoming easy and easy with every new update that why the fortnite is on second number of our list of Top 5 games of 2020.
Fortnite comes with great graphics but the graphics of fortnite are completely cartoon base. The graphics of fortnite are not realistic.

Fortnite requires high quality pc and for mobile users high quality mobiles which are not affordable for all people in the world.

call of duty for mobile
call of duty for mobile

Call of duty Mobile

     Call of duty is one of the most famous shooting game of  the world. And now call of duty released there new game for mobile devices named as Call of duty Mobile.
     Call of duty Mobile in released in the mid of year 2019 and becomes very popular in very short time. Call of duty get a lots of downloads on play store.
     There are a lots of new features in Call of duty Mobile it comes with a classic game play just like the Pubg and fortnite. Game also contain all the previous maps of call of duty.

     The plus point of Call of duty Mobile is that You can easily play this game on your Mobile devices. There is large number of players who play call of duty Mobile on there PCs by using android emulaters just like Bluestack, Gameloop etc.
     Call of duty Mobile is created by the tencent games who creates the PUBG mobile so yes we can hope that this game will increase his business in 2020 and increases its popularity among mobile users. 

grand theft auto v install
grand theft auto v install

Grand Theft Auto V

     Grand Theft Auto V also known as GTA 5 is the one of the most famous game of all time firstly GTA gomes with GTA vice city and after that Grand Theft  creates the new records of popularity in gaming world

GTA V come with great deal of graphic and this game is leading the gaming industry in Graphic. The realistic graphics of GTA make this game more good
There is a large number of users of GTA 5 people play GTA 5 on pc and console. The one drawback of GTA 5 is that not every pc user can play this game.

Because of high of game the user is required to run this game on high end PC with good Graphic card which is nor affordable for most of the people.
But still there are huge number of GTA 5 players in the world. People also like to watch the live streams of GTA 5.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

     Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is survival horror game the game comes with great features. As to my opinion Resdent Evil 7 is the number one horror game of the world.

But as to fan popularity Resident evil is losing his popularity with every day because now most of the people live the the battle royale games like the PUBG and Fortnite.
If you watch the streams of Resident Evil you will come to know that this game is getting very less campare to PUBG and Fortnite.
But still there are a lots of Resident evil player because of its unique game play and the player of horror game like this game the most

Resident Evil 7 is available for pc, console, and Xbox 360. Just like the GTA 5 the resident evil 7 requires a high end pc and console.

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