Jazz 5G in pakistan 1GB speed

Jazz 5G in Pakistan

     Jazz is going to launch 5G in pakistan with 1GB speed is that true?

     This is not true at this time because the zong is the only company at the time which has purchased 5G in pakistan with 1GB speed but this is also true that other pakistani sim companies will also purchase the 5g as soon as possible.
     And in this race Jazz 4G is ob the top. jazz 4G is the widest sim network in pakistan as they have more than 10000 cities and villages in coverage. And have more then 13million user over the world.
     So the main question that comes in mind is that when will the jazz 4G is going to purchase 5G so the jazz owner has not clearly stated that but we can said that it might comes after the arrival of Zong 5G because china is going to provide the 5g to zong with 1Gb speed. And the jazz will also purchase the 5G to stay in the game so lets wait and watch.

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