Top 5 social media marketing strategy without ads

social media marketing strategy 2020
social media marketing strategy 2020
Hello everyone I am usama bin zulfiqar (UZ) and today I am going to teach you how to get more traffic from social media in 2020.

Most fo marketer try to get more traffic to there website from social media by ads but today I am going to teach some methods works more then any social ads.

how to increase reach on facebook twitter and yourube
how to increase reach on facebook twitter and yourube

Increase reach

     First of all you needs to now that facebook twitter and other social media networks are now giving very less reach and you cannot get the same reach on all these social media networks with just one type of content

    So how to increase reach on facebook twitter and yourube 

     Like facebook and youtube give more reach to videos these day than picture and other posts but if you try with the old type of content you will a very small reach but if you try the new content like video then surpricingly you will get more reach

      Butt the video content not work on twitter the twitter normally give more reach to pictures and text type of content so you have to understand which content is better for your social media network

Engagement strategy

     Most of the marketer just try to drive more and more traffic but in this reace of traffic they lake engagement with there users the result you will get very small rate of conversion so you will get less sales even with more traffic

     First of all get engaged with your user in different social media groups and help the people out there the after helping then suggest your brand to them. Also go for live season on different social media platform and have live Question Answer so the people will get more engage with your content

     I myself always help the people on different social media platform so people get more engaged with me and I now more about there demand and I produce more content according to there needs

Choice the right Audience

     Before doing any work first you have to select the right Audience for your content like we are doing informative content and we cannot advertise it social platform like tiktok because the people on tiktok is not the audience that like my content so I will use the platform like linkedin and some facebook groups

      Suppose you are doing some fashion related staff the tiktok is a good platform for you on the same time it is not good for my content because the people over that platform is not in the mood to get some informative staff

     So you might get it now that who to select the right platform for your content and so you might also get more conversion rate from the related audience as well

Use Question Answer forum

     The question and Answer forums are the best place to get more people the will buy your product first of you have to select the right forum for your product and try to help the people over these platform

     Also create some your own posts and asking some question and when people come one your post if the some question then you might can help them and also can get very valuable traffic

     Even on these platform don’t just only talk about your product and try bto help some people if you just start pasting you links and just talking about your product you me get ignored by both the social network and from the people as well

Keep uptodate your content

     If you want to stay in the game the you have to right something new some unique then other if you write something new and infomative then you have bette chance to drag traffic to your website

     Always stay connected on social media and check what the people are talking about about and add some new tips and tricks in these articles and publish them

Use Social media tools

     If you want to gain more clicks from social network then use best social media tools like buffer and IFTT to automatic publish your content on social media and try to set different tools according to different social media networks

     Like facebook don’t like the automtic tools and if you use these tool on facebook you might get banned by facebook even might your website URL get banned as well.

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