telenor 5g in pakistan and launch date

telenor 5g in pakistan
telenor 5g in pakistan

     Hello today we are going to talk about Telenor 5G in Pakistan and also about Telenor 5G speed.

Telenor is the one of the oldest sim company working in Pakistan Telenor is an international telecommunication company and it work in many countries in including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh etc.

But in this article we are talking about the Telenor Pakistan. Telenor has its coverage over the Pakistan and it is working very fine.

 There are a lots of Telenor users in Pakistan and now they want to know whether the Telenor 4G is going to purchase 5G or not.

So the answer is that yes Telenor is going to purchase 5G because they want to compete in market for those who don’t know what is 5 you can read it here 5G technology

So the question come in mind that when will Telenor going to purchase 5G? So Telenor has not mentioned the data of their 5G launch in Pakistan but they might purchase the 5G after 2 or 3Months
It is also very important to know that if the Telenor 4g Purchase 5G after 2 or 3 months they might also needs some time test it and also to provide the services of their 5G to local people this time period might be of 3 to 4 months.

So let’s talk about the speed which Telenor 5G might get so as you might now that the zong 5G is running on 1GB speed so it might be possible that Telenor also get the speed of 1GB.

But there are more chances of that they want get 1GB speed. They might get the speed of 400MBs to 500MBs. So this is not right to say something about their speed yet so stay connected for more details about 5G technologies in Pakistan

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