Top 25 SEO tips and tricks to follow in 2020 || First page rank in google

     Hi friends today i am Going to teach you best SEO tips for 2019 with the help of these tips and tricks you can easy rank on the first page of Google

AS you all now SEO is very important for any website if you work on the seo of your site then you can get more traffic on your blogger or website

More traffic means you can earn more from your bloggers or website so just follow these 25 tips to increase your rank in Google and bing
 1: Use Quality Links
 2: Define a Good Site Structure

 3: Landing Page Quality
 4: Keep The Content Fresh
 5: Understand The Art And Science of Search Engines

 6: Engage With Community & Have a Social Presence
 7: The Keywords. What You Need to Know
 8: Improve Loading Speed Of Website
 9: Use A Rich, Relevant and Memorable Domain Name
 10: 5% Keyword Density
 11: Use The Right Tags, File Names, Captions, Alt-Txt
 12: Concentrate On Headings, Titles And Site Settings

 13: Evaluate & Fine Tune Regularly
 14: List Yourself in Open Directories
 15: Use Keyword Rich URLs For The Pages
 16: Be A Storm Chaser
 17: Get Recognized. Be A Familiar Figure
 18: Check the Snippet Preview
 19: Unleash The Power Of The Footer
 20: Migrate Smart. Don’t Lose Your Rank When You Migrate
 21: Don’t Trick The Search Engines
 22: Track Your Sites’s Rank & Click Through Ratio
 23: Watch What is Above The Fold
 24: Create a Custom 404 Page and retain visitors
 25: Take Advantage of Weebly 301 Redirect

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