Nawaz Sharif’s sentence suspended for eight weeks in Al-Azizia case

nawaz sharif released for eight weeks
nawaz sharif released for eight weeks

     Today the leader and former PM of pakistan Nawaz sharif get released on bail for the next eight week which means for 2 months it Now the nawaz sharif  can go abroad for his proper check up and treat meant

     Today the islamabad high court heard the case of nawaz sharif’s health both the advocate give there proof and also the family doctor of nawaz sharif was in the court during the hearing of this case.
     The family doctor of nawaz sharif told the Islamabad high court the the medical condition id not good and his white platelets are keep getting decrease with time
     So nawaz sharif wants to get proper treatment from abroad. The doctor which are provided by the government to nawaz sharif are not able to handle the condition of  nawaz sharif.
     The doctor of jail told the when the come to treat the on disease the they get the fear of another disease.
     After hearing all these the islamabad high court provide the eight weeks release to nawaz sharif on the basis of medical disorder.

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